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Old thread, but worth updating.

I bought my CFRN membership in early 2014, and have extended my room "privileges" up to this point. Prior to buying in, I took a couple of free trials in their trading room. I have been trading ES, NQ and CL futures for eight years, with moderate success. Trading is my primary income source.

I judge it unfair that Michael and DeWayne claim that anyone can make the same money they make while trading their methods in or out of the live room, and that members (partners) should be making a thousand dollars a day using the methods taught to partners. I have not seen it come to pass in my own trading of their methods, or in the trading of other CFRN members I have met in person.

To their credit, my own backtesting and real-time application of their methods have found the results right at breakeven, not losing. So, over time of proper and literal application, one could expect their account balance to stay roughly where it began, rather than blowing it up. This is better than the run-of-the-mill systems with trading rooms out there today. However, this is not what I signed up for.

Some partners have used the CFRN methods to improve their own systems. Some have even derived new systems from little-used aspects of the CFRN methods, with success. Again, that is not what I paid for.

I do not question Michael's room performance. However well he does for himself, I simply find the performance to be unrepeatable as claimed. This may mean that he is simply a superior trader with a lesser gift of teaching. When one pays real money to learn and apply that which has been demonstrated to be profitable, one expects to reproduce that profitability. Disappointment is a forgone conclusion when, after much diligence to replicate the conditions and apply the methods, in sim and cash, live and in back-testing, such profitability is simply not there.

I do not doubt the sincerity of Michael or DeWayne, but their mild exaggerations of income potential and high expectations of anyone signing up and diligently using these methods, is simply not realistic. I have met several other partners in person away from related training sessions and meetings, and after comparing broker statements with mine, I conclude this opportunity is not profitable for most experienced traders.

Their refund policy, for the membership and extended room privileges, is simple: No. This is why I have not discussed my dissatisfaction with them, notified any other partners that I know or have become acquainted with, or made any noise in their trading room. To what end would such conversations be, since they have not asked me? I take no joy in calling names or labels. This is about money and at least for me, that is business. It either works or it does not. Black or white. No emotions involved in such judgment. Just like I trade.

Because this thread has the pre-existing interest in CFRN, I wanted you to know of my experience with CFRN. For what it is worth.

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