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Thanks Richard for your post.

I completely agree with you that it's hard to know when to turn the Robot off since it's going to take some losing trades in a developing chop zone ' no more HH, HL or LL,LH' before you know you are now in a choppy indecisive zone.

I noticed that 1: ADXVMA was faster to give a good signal.
2: The time zone look back in the settings is misleading.

Meaning, if not set to look forward when you turn it on, will look back at every trades the Robot would have taken during the night or any period you might choose.

It is easy then to find a winning period that will show a good ClosedPnL on top of the chart. Not meaning they intentionally do this.

Still, there seams to be many people doing constantly well every day but that's not you and me.

I personally don't like all the attention given to the autotrader in the emails and during the trading room.

So far, have you learned and become a better trader with Viper System ' Charles teaching'?

I did but I still struggle hard with a slow market and stalling price.
It's like my mind turns into Jello and I just can't put my orders in with the slow motion.
I don't have any problem running the same market on replay at 3 to 20 times faster at night and trust my rules.
That's a phase I have to go through.

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