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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Had a thoughtful reply made up and accidently hit the tab key. It's gone. *%*!

Mainly I feel we need to offer each promoter (trading guru) at least a five minute or whatever open minded acceptance that he or she may be the real thing.

Ultimately we can find somewhere what will be called an opportunity.
We all found futures.io (formerly BMT) didn't we?

So I give DimkDimk's #1 reason above room to work. For me.
While there are people selling stuff we do not like, we shouldn't diss all them out of hand with a big paint brush .

We are in the drivers seat, not them. Just walk away.

So, what I would caution anyone new to trading to do is early-on is to walk away from anyone asking for over two grand or even $999 for a relationship with you of some kind.

If you are new you do not know what may be the methodology you want to grow with and spend time on. And you will spend time.
So not to say they are ultimately bad, just over priced in the market. And it is a competative market.
I have learned from high priced guys yes, and part of what I have learned from low priced guys is there is just as much value there to begin with and you can look again if you want to because you have not dropped ten grand in one place.

Great to have futures.io (formerly BMT) forums and threads here to learn with too.