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When I was Trading Forex at MB Trading

When I was trading Forex at Mb Trading, I was renting a server which cost $75 a month. I was using NinjaTrader and programming in C# sharp, Microsoft C. The problem was Mb Trading would not take my strategy, so I ended up trading naked without indicators and no EA. I was playing chicken with the Japan Central Bank as to when they were going to
manipulate their currency. I made some money, but later it necktied me. Now, I'm giving TradeStation a try with Easy Language. I figure they are more fair and maybe I'll come up with an EA that will make some money. I'm starting with a 2K account and we'll go from there. Has anyone had success with TradeStation Forex? Is the same thing going to happen that happened to me at MB Trading, e.g., my EA not approved? How do I get an EA approved? Anyway, I've traded commodities, e.g., CL, NG, on TradeStation. I like the platform. When you submit an order in Forex, the price is 2 or 3 points higher than the market. Like you say that's paid to the broker, like a commission only they call themselves commission free - A play on words. You have to make up for that extra in your getting in at the right time. Anyway, I'm a returning member. Glad to be back.

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