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Anyone managing sleep/work while trading the London Session from the US?

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I've experimented with different sleep cycles,
The problem with lets say Uberman is if you don't sleep exactly on point your body crashes within 10 minutes and then you will just feel rotten.

I was operating on everyman for a while, and I've recently gone back to monophasic and quite frankly I feel the best I have ever felt in a long time. I don't stress out, I'm focused, my memory works better, my decision making is sharper etc and I'd like to trade under this state. But I'm gonna have to change that soon as I start trading combines again so my plan of attack is to be able to trade under stress and have a strong psychology to be able to do so.

I've also read the science behind resting and made my own opinion.
Some people have an genetic unfair advantage they can get by on a block of 6 hours monophasic (this makes me jealous).
My understanding is most people need 7-9, and the most efficient sleeping pattern is monophasic and biphasic.
Think about google afternoon naps, they are following biphasic.

There are blogs of people trying out different sleeping pattern, definitely check it out I can't give you a link but I know they are around.

I'm Vietnamese and most Asians I know tend to need more sleep more often than white people I don't know the science behind this and or how it works. Me and some of my asian friends can sleep anywhere, anytime. I can even sleep standing very easily. Just some food for thought. haha

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