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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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I tried the viper off and on. The guys that run it seem well intentioned. However I wanted a simple straightforward robotic trading system that I could count on to make more money over the course of a week than it loses. I never found that there and I have been using their autotraders ever since the Mamba and Diamondback days. I quit them about a month ago after unsuccessfully trying out their newest robot, the Elite Breakout. When I lost money with it, then the obvious reason was "user error". Either I chose the wrong settings (of which there are dozens) or I chose the wrong start or stop times. With the limitations that NT 6.5 has on memory, I could not run more than 4 or 5 of the robots without NT crashing so I could not run enough simulations to get a good idea of what works and doesn't work. So I had to wing it. The "suggested settings" were somewhat vague at first. Maybe they are more firm now. I don't know.

What annoyed me the most was that at every webinar Rich would bring up screen shots of a few selected instruments to show how much they made the day before. But when I asked about an instrument I lost on the day before, if I got an answer it was something like "gee, we don't know because we did not trade that one last night" or "our trades made money - see the chart". It seemed I always ran the robots on the wrong ones or started it at the wrong time.

If they would put out a simple automated robot that makes (even a little bit) more than it loses in a week consistently I would pay for it. So if you guys at Viper (Charles, Gary or Rich) are reading this, please cut the complexity and make something simple that makes money. THAT'S what people want and will pay for.

And if you can't do that, at least buy enough PC's and run the robots every day on all 15 or 20 or so instruments you discuss and give a daily running tally of how each one did with ONLY the default settings and default trading times every day so everyone in the webinar can see which instruments the robots work on and which ones they don't work on. Full disclosure is the honest way to present what you have to offer. Anything less does not - to say the least - give me the confidence to subscribe again.

Had to get that off my chest.


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