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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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IMO these so called guru's are completely worthless and a waste of your time and money. Think about it, if anyone can make a comfortable living and have freedom to spend your day doing whatever they wish. Why would they be spending all day and night training people who know nothing about the markets or trading? It's all a big fat scam to get your money because they can't make a living from trading the markets so they make their money from poor soles that don't know any better. Why aren't these guys in chat rooms or in these type of forums helping other independent traders? After all its us against the banks and large financial institutions right? There are many free chat rooms with good traders and alot of free video's and some good books that you can educate yourself and save the money you would be wasting on training courses and use it for trading capitol when you're ready to trade live.

I hope this helps and good trading


While 90% you are right, still 10% you are wrong.
1. Why Gurus are teaching ? Well, it might be just a matter of risk preference. If they become tired of everyday risk exposure and just want calm working day for example. However, young and energetic traders would prefer trade every swing, every move.

2. Second, you mentioned some chat rooms and books. Well isn't that a same scum ? I have read a lot of books where authors have nothing to say, basically.

3. Third, is not that true that whole educational system ( I mean Universities, etc. ) is the same big scum? Why teachers go to teach ? Yes, right, if they can't make money using their knowledge then they go teach :-) I saw a lot of talanted people teaching in University. Why they teach ? Go work and make money in business, economy, mathematics instead of brain washing young fellows. :-)

4. Afterall, what is this forum about ? Why you guys are here ? Go trade, make money for a living, don't teach us professionals how to trade :-) Don't waste money on post, lets trade.

No offense mate. There is everywhere a place for scum and a place for real value. It is on us to decide. That is why I really stand for Rating agencies. In this case we ( this forum ) is a rating agency. And we say that the product is good or not. That is how open market works.

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