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I am being charged $15 fee from the CME every month?

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Normally, you have to pay exchange fees to receive real-time data. The reason is that the exchanges are not set up as charitable trusts. Therefore you have to pay fees, if you wish to trade on an exchange.

You can buy a seat at an exchange or become a member. In that case you pay reduced fees, but you have paid for the seat.

Assuming that you are a not a member and that you qualify as a non-professional, you would have to pay the following fees

- exchange fees
- clearing fees
- regulatory fees
- commissions
- data fees

Exchange, clearing, regulatory fees and commissions are typically paid per contract.

Data fees are paid for the data that you receive.

Standard data fees for CME are

CME $ 91 per month
COMEX $ 91 per month
NYMEX $ 91 per month
CBOT $ 91 per month

which means that you would have to pay $ 364 for CME data per month without an account. This is just to fend off free riders that wish to receive data but do not intend to trade and generate transaction fees for the exchange.

If you have a funded account and connect to the account once per month, you are allowed to receive data for a bargain price of $ 15 instead of $ 364 per month.

You should not complain about that. If you cannot afford to spend $ 15 per month on data, you should not even think about trading futures.

Thank you for giving such a great summary. Now it is much clearer. I would have spent 3 weeks trying to gather and make sense of this information. Now it is very clear to me what all the fees people talk about mean, and where they are applied.

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