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Hey guys, just found this thread and so I hope to start contributing shortly. Quick question though, well actually two.

1) is anyone having any success using any kind of order flow on the Euro? I have spent some time with cumulative delta but came out empty handed. From what I have heard, volume in FOREX is garbage and the volume in the 6E is unreliable due to hedging.

2) I am struggling with how much weight/time to put on short term market development of the U.S. Dollar besides watching for important S/R levels. So I guess the question is how do you incorporate the dollar into your trade plan? The moves are pretty much inverse but maybe it diverges from time to time?

Not trying to derail the thread, so a pm would work to. Thanks.

Mate, all I do is trade the 6E, from an order flow perspective. 6E volume and DOM is very reliable (Hedging or not), forex has no central official volume indeed, and CD on its own does not mean much.

Take a look at my YT link, not in Englush, but that should give you an idea of one way (by no means the only one) to trade the order flow.

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