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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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hi jthom and Thewizard, sorry but your comments are irrelevant.
Stay focused on the subject, Not the charts or indicators. Those are not the subject here.
The breakout robot entering late compared to our free ADXVMA is.

Those charts are to compare how far the robot took a trade based on background charge' Blue chart'. Compare it with ADXVMA background color change 'black chart' and see how far the robot took the trade.

I'm using _Lin_Reg_Color_Paint_V01 to mimic Viper and TSSupertrend on the blue chart.
But its irrelevant.

when using a strategy,Ninja puts a dotted line after closing the trade.
You need a second chart 'my black one' or a dome to see the trade going and to move stop and targets. You don't have any control of the trade on the same chart robot strategy is running' for those who don't know'.

So the robot was set on the blue chart while I was watching and trading it on the black chart using chart Trader.

This was my first time subscribing to a strategy '399usd' and I did not like it but someone on (formerly BMT) had to do it to find out about the Breakout autotrader.

As a trader, I was very concerned to see the robot enter so late. ADXVMA was already telling me that the automatic trade would likely fail.

Seeing 3 losing trades in a row on the second chart has nothing to give me confidence either.

There is nothing better as yourself to trade but I had to find out.
Personally the chat room is all I want and with clear trade calls, from Viper System, this would be a much better trading room than selling a breakout strategy or explaining entry/exits on a end of day 'EOD' chart.

Final note ...don't pay attention to the ClosedPnL the robot is showing.

Sorry for the mis-directed "help". I guess I didn't understand the point you were trying to make in the beginning.

Best wishes.

After all, it's what you learn AFTER you know it all, that counts!
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