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Anyone managing sleep/work while trading the London Session from the US?

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Become profitable enough to move to Europe for the better timezone, seriously. Cost of living south of Spain can be very cheap, especially with dollar strength at the moment. Rent in some areas can be as low as 300 EUR per month for an apartment and 1000 EUR for a nice 4-5 bedroom house.

Short of that, be really good at understanding which market conditions are good to trade and worthwhile for the opportunity cost of sleep. Be active 1 hour before the London banks open, do you analysis, and then go back to sleep if trading conditions are not ideal. Also be up and active during data releases if managing open positions.

Do this long enough until you can afford to move. Or you can simply focus on US timezone based instruments like oil futures instead. But no doubt the big money is based in the European time zone for a reason when it comes to FX.

Ah, moving is unfeasible at this point in my life. If I end up being profitable to the point where I don't need anything but a few hours from 2AM - 5AM or something in order to make a living, I don't mind that at all. I can even move later to the West Coast to gain that 3 hour advantage as was said in this thread.

I have been trying it out now - I just traded last night from 2AM to around 4AM when I closed my only trade of the night. I simply do not like the erratic movements of the New York session.

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