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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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I did try their new breakout robot but could not trust it at first so I unsubscribed quickly

because 1: you need to learn WHEN to turn it on and When to turn it off.
I did not know then 'the WHEN' so the breakout robot was showing -1000usd very quickly and was often taking 3 losing trades before catching a good one and that scared me more.

There was no way I could trust myself to properly turn the robot on or off.

because 2: ADXVMA gives a better and quicker signal.
The right chart shows where the robot took a long trade at 11:34 based on a trend background change.
The left chart shows a much quicker entry based on ADXVMA background change at 11:33.

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on the second chart we can see what entries scared me ' 3 losing in a row = choppy turn it off zone'
because I did not know how to use the robot does not mean it's not working.

It is questionable to see a good system like the viper3 'which I use' being replaced by new systems.
Viper trading switched to this new breakout system in response to demand of tighter stop loss by using a system on a 2 to 4 range bars instead of an 8 range.

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I've been following those guys long enough and watched and attended many of their Webinars to know that helping traders to become profitable is their main goal.

So far this is the trading room I have learned the most from and recommend to every one to watch their recorded Webinars first and decide if they want to join.
Viper Trading Systems

Their chart looks like it's using:

TCTrendingTSF (Time Series Forecast) for the color-changing average price line
TSSuperTrend for the "breakout"
I can't tell what's coloring the bars.

We've got all we need right here at BigMikes.

After all, it's what you learn AFTER you know it all, that counts!
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