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6E day trading - RTH or Globex charts?

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The thread is about 11 pages long so its a bit much to summarize!

try this one:

you need to break the 23 hour trading day up in the different markets: asian, european, new york and consider them as separate, and master one.

Elite membership will be the best $100 you ever spent on trading, the quantity of quality information makes $100 a bargain.

Thanks for the links. I will definitely look into buying a membership!

Anyway, the reason I am asking about RTH on the 6E vs. globex is this: When I was day trading the EUR/USD, I was trading the New York session. However, I was unsure about how important the data from the previous session (London) was charting purposes. I was trading price action setups, and didn't know if I should be drawing trend lines and determining levels of support/resistance using the previous session's bars. I then thought - what if I eliminated the other sessions entirely and just used the data from the CME RTH hours for the 6E... sure, I'd be losing possibly important data, but my logic said that if there are traders using only RTH charts for day trading the 6E, then it should be entirely valid to use those exact hours on a EUR/USD chart (since they are almost identical).

I did a lot of searching, but couldn't find a specific discussion on that idea.

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