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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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I just started with TST last week. Had a few issues...

1. Could not connect through my own Ninja Trader Multi Broker license to the TST account. I had the TST support folks look into it and they couldnt resolve it. Then had Ninja Trader support folks look into it and they couldnt resolve it either. :-) That was surprising. Then installed on a new machine but this time used the license key from TST and it connected just fine. Only bad thing - its not my primary machine. So now I have to switch back and forth when I trade the TST account. Not a deal breaker but just an inconvenience.

2. After things got connected, I did receive bid ask prices for GC. Not sure what it was. TST support folks called in and got that resolved in a few minutes. I am glad that went smooth.

3. So the first week I was testing. I am obviously new to TST and their combine program and had absolutely no idea what the rules were. I subscribed because a friend of mine was in it. So in the first 2 days of testing I was down -90 and -500. :-) After that I understood what I was supposed to do and started trading properly like I would trade my own account. For the next few days I was making profits but since I already had a 500$ down day (on a 30K account), I violated one of their trading rules. So I did a reset and ended up paying $100 for the reset. Just did the reset yesterday.

So finally I am on my way now (2 successful day so far). Let me see how it goes. I will post my progress here.


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