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The Rational Trader trading room/ system

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These are not my trades. These are Shane Handy's trades that I traded tick for tick. His method not mine or any other variation. So when you say "his method may not suite my style of trading or personality" does not apply here. I sat through each and every one of his sessions since January 27, 2015 and these are the trades he put on in his real live account.

Don't get me wrong, Shane is very sincere in trying to work order flow into his trading but I believe his implementing and execution need a lot of work. Shane goes for the big swings and I traded right along side him as instructed with real money. 59 trades were executed at a loss of -662.50 plus another 225.38 for commissions.

If you want to learn about order flow and how the market works in that way, there is probably not a better source of information than Shane. But as for execution, there is something left to be desired.

Are you sure there isnt some cognitive bias coming in. If the edge is genuine and substantial and someone understands it as you say Handy does then it doesnt make sense that he is loosing money?

I have spent a lot of time looking at orderflow and still can't see that it is that useful. Sure someone can playback and show you how bids come in here and such and such picking specific times when it seemed to follow a pattern- but at the hard right edge in real time does it make a difference (beyond a sudden tick or two up and down)..

these are sincere questions to you considering the months of experience you have had studying this.

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