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CFD Broker (in EU) that uses NinjaTrader

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CFD Broker (in EU) that uses NinjaTrader

Hi all,

I have been surfing the interwebs for quite some time now and still have encountered only 1 broker that allows small lot CFD trading and uses Ninjatrader. It's FXCM. Does anyone here use them already for brokerage ? Good or bad experiences ?

Can the esteemed panel point me towards another broker (preferbly located in EU) that allows CFD-trading, scalping and has NinjaTrader as a platform ??

Thanks a lot !!

(I'm using this edit as a reply to Neo1's question, because it would be rude not to reply to another user who's trying to help me. Sadly I cannot post in this subforum -the thread was located in the subforum "Options and CFD Trading" but was moved by an Admin)

Thanks Neo1 for taking the time to react to my question. Truly appreciated! Wiring money back and forth is easy and free in Europe, banks charge more to wire oversees. Also, would the data feed coming from a broker oversees not be slower / laggy ?

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