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Discount future brokerages that allow inactivity

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You are confusing an Inactivity Fee with the new CME data fee which all brokers pass on.

In addition to exchange data fees, some brokers charge an 'In Activity' fee if you do not do so many round trips a month with them. This is to contribute towards covering the brokers infrastructure and support they provide you given they have received no commission from you.

In repsect of this Inactivity Fee, AMP does not charge one.

Yes they will pass on the CME data fee, but then so will all brokers (unless they decide to pay for it on your behalf out of their profits).

Just to clarify this. With AMP, if you only had data from the Eurex and ICE exchanges (and not CME) and you did not place one trade during the month, AMP will not charge any inactivity fee.

The only way to avoid the CME fee is to ask for the feed to be suspended say for next month if you know you are going to be on holiday etc.

Crap, you're right Lol. Sorry for the confusion. I guess the next question is, is there a broker that does not pass on this fee?

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