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Problems with CQG Continuum Login failed: accountIDs has no Ids

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Hello Everybody

Is there anybody using @NinjaTrader NinjaTrader Brokerage ? I was in a LIVE trade today and logged of NinjaTrader platform, then put computer to sleep. I came back about 10 minutes later and when I tried to log into

NinjaTrader Continuum it said

Login failed: accountIDs has no Ids

I logged in on another platform while downloading a new NinjaTrader and it still did the same thing which makes me think it is a "broker issue" and not a "platform issue"

I had to call the trade desk to manipulate things

Did anybody ever have experience like this? I have been trading LIVE for about 1 1/2 weeks and it was a little ordeal when I switched from dynamic DOM to Static DOM. It took a while but it eventually worked.

any feedback would be great.

Naturally since I am a C# developer I wanted to also know if CQG Continuum has an API ? Because then I can just build my own order screen and if it is a platform issue I can always bypass it. Otherwise if it is a broker issue, I might be looking for a new broker if this happens again


Hey Spencer,

I had the same issue, but i am back up again. What i did and I'm not sure if it was me who fixed it, but i went to where my license key was, UN-highlighted it, deleted 1 letter and typed it back in, then pushed ok, went to connect to continuum and it connected. I shut down NT7 3 times and each time it connected properly. Hope you get it working!


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