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These guys are jokes. They are trading SIM. I sat through two weeks of their trade room. Utter and complete junk. They have no understanding of the market and what is really driving price. The trade off their indicators which are lagging and not worth the $3k they charge.

These guys make me even more sick as they fly under the Christian banner. They are just another group of people trying to rob you using whatever label suits them best.

I also have sat through a few days watching them "trade". I never saw them have one tick of slippage on any of the many trades they made. Once they said they use stop limit orders to get in. Once they said they use market orders to get in. Once I saw the head trader Michael say he got in at a certain price when price jumped 4 ticks in 10ms so he couldn't of gotten in with either a stop limit or market order at that price. A few times I saw Michael say he got in "early" which meant he was probably front running the others in the room (if he was really trading live) and that might be why he goes to B/E at + 4 ticks. Michael goes over the trades he did in the CFRN afternoon program and calls it the "recap". He points out what trades he missed (which is a lot of them for every market he trades). He mostly points out the winners and skips the losers or said he would of been breakeven on the trade. Hardly ever admits a trade would of been a loser. He puts his "trades" in a spreadsheet. If he was trading for real he could use something more realistic I would think. I don't know much about the software he uses to trade with but you would think it would track the trades. They could use Ninja but they don't. I wonder why not? Because Ninja would track the trades. CFRN is also listed (at least in 2014) as one of Dean Handley trusted trading rooms. Most of the 2014 finalists have been found out to be frauds. Also, when they try to get you to sign up they dangle the "partner" trades in front of you implying that these trades are the good ones but they only trade the slingshot trades in the room. The partner trades are all counter trend trades of which none are taken in the live room. If you look back at their videos on Youtube you will see they have changed their indicators many, many times. Or at least added more and more to the mix.

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