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Oh boy. $5k for a course You must be kidding

I have a very simple and straighfoward method to evaluate trading rooms and other signal services as follows,

a) why they do not disclose their audited account statements and give the trades (date, time, product, dir, quantity) in the easy format (.csv or .xls) so everybody interested in could check the system ?
b) if they do and the results are so amazing as they say why an earth they need others money ?

Just think about it.

If you have such a good and profitable system why you would not disclose your results if you still are after the new subscribers: The most efficient and best marketing method ever known by human kind, allmost no questions can be asked and the product would sell like a hell ?

If you have such a good system which can produce for example 10 tick daily profits consistently you will be a millionaire within a year and a billionaire within a decade (using dynamic position sizing). So why bother to take care all the public business, customer and teaching overhead ? Just trade by yourself, get rich and be free !


I think in this case they have something quite good in their hands and can occassionally achieve good results but not consistently so their equity curve gets occassionally big hits. Curve does not look good and the system is fragile in the long run. Being in the boat at the wrong time you can lose much or all. This is what they do not tell you nor show you the real trading results.

So they need to collect money from others to keep their own equity curve up and linear.

This is how I see the so it does not look any better than other 1001 producers in the cyber space.

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