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SMB Capital trading NYC, has anyone done this in house training ?

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After speaking with them on phone, my understanding is that the $6500 course(remote)/ Inhouse (7900sih) is just a foundation course. And although they put you throughsimulated trading in last 2 weeks its only for short periods. So unless I am mistaken this is a long video/reading course. I'm looking for more mentoring, watch and learn, be watched and get critical feedback.

They have "SMB tools" which is like $400 a month, kinda like a scanner and a few mentoring sessions. was thinking of giving that a go.

May I ask why you felt "The course just wasnt for you" ?

Mike Belafore has done a webinar at (formerly BMT) ( open to elite members) in which he mentioned ( also in his book) that out of 100's of resume, interviews each year if they hire 10 traders to get trained, after 6 months only 2 or 3 are left or allowed to progress. These 10 traders are best they could find after taking these candiates through SMB very exhuastive elimination/selection process. This should gives you an idea as to what any candidate is up against.

Day trading equities is suited for SUPER FAST traders. One week alone is spent on mastering the key board and process of speedy execution continues for weeks. I am not interested in competing against computers. Nothing wrong with the course. That style of trading is not for me and there is not any course will prepare a trader for this type of trading. A course like SMB or something similar but less expensive course will give you a dose of reality and a chance to make a decision whether to keep pursuing trading before wasting too much time and money. Here at (formerly BMT) we have traders and all over the internet where traders are at trading for 5, 10 years and getting no where. My recommendation will be that if after finishing SMB course , if you did not get hired by SMB, you probably should move on. SMB course is designed to seek out talent for SMB without wasting SMB resources. They charge you money and if a candidate does not make it, they get paid for their time at minimum.

I was assigned a mentor, feedback, watched etc. it was just not for me. In summary, course is worth the money but it's just a course and is the only course of it's kind and is the best of everything else i am aware of. SMB entire trading is built upon READING the tape. My eyes practically got crossed after looking at DOM and jumping prices for hours and hours for weeks.

After 5 years of trading my motto is that if something does not come naturally to a trader don't force it. Traders of all kinds get hell bent on learning and keep blaming themselves for not getting it without realizing that either trading or a particular type of trading is just not meant for them. As long as you find your trading style it's all worth it. Medical professionals know during medical school if a student will be a cardiologist, a brain surgeon, a neurologist etc. In trading , we tend to pile everything into ONE thing called trading and get nowhere.

Note; I think Mike book " One good trade" is the best book on trading.

My posts are not meant to give financial advice neither do they imply that my method is special. "THIS IS WHAT I COULD BE IF I HAD A TOTALLY CARE FREE STATE OF MIND DURING TRADING" Mark Douglas.

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