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Historical futures intraday charts for free?

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Does anyone know how I can find free historical futures intraday charts of 5 minute bars going back 10 years? I don't need any special features so I don't want to buy any expensive data or charting services. I just need to see the intraday price action.

Only free data I know goes back several contracts, not 10 years (You'd need to start a demo account to get a license for Ninja trader, but after the demo expires you can still download and replay data even though you can't see live data.):

Ninjatrader Market Replay - Home

You could try to call different brokers and see if they have 10 years of data available for their platform. If they say yes ask if you can try it out on a demo free trial. From there see if you can get an extension or setup another email for more. It's hard to get anything for free these days but the fees for data are negligible compared to the potential losses you'd incur from just a couple futures trades alone.

Good luck

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