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Now....I find that very hard to belive. Can you prove it ?

Why don't you call them then, instead of taking it here on a public forum ?
You can speak to Jason Rogers about that. Fxcm has always been very service minded when I have contacted them.

Its really hard to believe and I was shocked when I realized it happened.

You want proof? here:

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Before I receive that email, I can no longer execute an order. I thought it was a bug then when I am about to report the incident, I saw that email coming. So I find it funny when they said that I have opened position when I am manually opening and closing all positions before I start another. (as I am scalping)

I emailed them back and ask for a reason as to why but until now, no reply.

And this is the very reason I am whining here in public forum so that future would-be clients won't become a victim of this injustice!

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