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What programs have you bought? Confess

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Marty Zweig's lousy newsletter. I don't think he bought that fancy Manhattan penthouse by trading his recommendations.

Louis Rukeyser's lousy newsletter. I thought the Wall$treet Week with Louis Rukeyser had to be good since it was so painfully boring. Thanks Lou for the PMC Sierra and Enron rec's !!! And the Intel Microsoft recs in October 2001

Essex Trading Software, which was a total waste.

Then there was this cheap program that magically called out support and resitence in t bonds. Total waste.

Bought tons of books from Windsor Publishing.

Subscribed to Investors Business Daily. Which was great if you only read the Monday's edition.

Optionetics Newsletter, they did ratio spreads. The spreads never made a dime!!

Lotus 123 Spreadsheet for programming the algorithms from the Windsor's Books. The spreadsheet knowledge came in handy for my job. I duplicated/rediscovered/invented RSI, %R, and stochastics all on my own.

Then there was the "Gartman Letter". Made some good calls, made some not.

And that guy that advertised late night, basically calendar trades, I copied his stuff from a co worker.

Welles Wilder's dull boring video and book on how phases of the moon affect commodity prices. Man, that guy can talk out of both sides of his mouth. "Phase with in a phase" "Skipped phase" "Inversion phase"...Biggest bunch of bullshit. His nondisclosure agreement is a service to the investing public.

From reading the responses here, now I don't feel that I missed all the great opportunities touted by these program vendors, and trading system vendors.

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