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Anyone have any experience with Darrell Martin and his Apex Investing Institute?

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I could not agree with you more! I fell for the Apex Investing trap. Word of advice, read the TOS, they do not stand by their product and thus will not offer refunds at the end of your trial, once full service begins automatically. Apex will be quick to argue that it is a necessary part of doing biz to not offer refunds, but I contacted them on the day after my trial ended and they refused refund, even though I am completely unimpressed with their product. It is sad how they use smooth talking to sink their talons into new traders. I only joined because I was interested in their trend catcher for 5 min binaries, boy was I wrong. Please do your due diligence and ask around about this service before using.

Also, their user interface is horrific.... They make it way more difficult to get setup and going with their products than is even remotely necessary. One would think they could funnel a bit of monthly revenue into improving their UI and delivery!

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I have reviewed the Apex indicators, along with the newest trend catcher indicator. First the backtest stats that are built in the indicator are from from true, it has settings you can play around with and come up with what i suppose to be optimum settings. Well they look great, but once does a manual back test results you will see a whole different outcome.

Then every other day there will be new rules, new updates and it is just a round robin and smoke and mirrors. I took a trial for 5 weeks, I asked for extensions to confirm results since every time I did have a confirmation of true results, a new update or new so called rule of how to trade them came out, soon I discovered that this will be a on going story and finally canceled it off.

Darrel is a smooth talker, yes they offer quick support, he will do endless videos, and say this is the reason why this didn't work, so if you did this it would be ok, it just never stops, and the poor new or struggling trader looking for some type of medium is once again taking advantage of, and blinded but the great backtest numbers the indicator comes up with.

I just have to say, if you gonna trust the same software to give you backtest results of the same indicator, same company, then you better do your own homework and make it prove it to you. A person using this system will be slowly bled out of money, and have nothing to show except for a fancy indicator doing nothing.

Do not be folded by his smooth tactics, the system is not worth a penny in the long run.

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