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Interactive Brokers not allowing futures trading in IRAs

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I also have been trading equity ETFs and futures with IB in multiple IRA accounts and thought IB was the best thing going for pricing and execution - acceptable datafeed and trading platform, besides being well capitalized. It is unfortunate that IB chose to implement the new policy in such a cavalier fashion. Just like most, I am also looking for an alternative to trade equities and futures within a Traditional IRA account.

In my prior research, TradeStation came closest to IB in terms of pricing and products offered. Has anyone considered moving to TradeStation. I believe they do allow trading futures in an IRA account.

Comments from any current users of TradeStation (Brokerage, not the software) will be most welcome.

so weird. i'm afraid IB screwed up my IRA rollover...crap. i traded futures last night in my account.

I like tradestation a lot. Their fills are not quite as good as IB, but still very very good. It's also a bit more expensive than IB, but they have a bunch of promotions for free lifetime license and 500$ rebate when you transfer. I also like their UI and DOM much better than IBs, being a lot more intuitive.

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