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Best Forex Broker?

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Hello everyone,

Since the Forex Broker landscape is ever changing, and the last thread here dates back to 2011 and 2012, I would like to ask the following. If you have been trading Forex for more then a year, and you're successful in your trading, please respond.

I'm looking for an broker that...

1. Doesn't trade against you or hunt for your Stops.

2. Doesn't freeze your account if you become too successful in your trading.

3. No hassle withdrawals.

4. Accepts US customers.

5. Has good and timely support.

Basically I'm looking for an ethical and honest Forex broker!

Thanks in advance.


Note: Looking at and

I'm not a successful FOREX trader but i have been trading futures with ATC brokers. I have no issues with them. They always answer the phone when I call with a question. My impression; a majority of their buisness is FOREX.
I read a relly good book "Getting Started in Currency Trading" by Michael Duane Archer and they were first on his list. I went to his website and emailed him an inquiry about them and he got back to me in like 10 minutes and spoke very highly of them. When chatting with Robert at ATC I thought him professional and personable. From our conversation I realized that they were all about the FOREX. They are a no dealing desk with numerous liquidity providers and they advertise the lowest spreads. I would grill them with all of your questions if you haven't already. Also lookup Archer and see if you think he is legit....I do....but don't take my word for it.

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