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When will Greece leave the Euro?

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The biggest fear of all EU mandarins is that France doesn't make it.
Hence yesterday's fine suspension and hence all the fabric softener talk vs Greece.

imo all this is a slap in the face of all EU countries that really tried reforms and are getting
(gradually) better now like Ireland, Spain or Portugal.

Whole problems not faced.

We live, at best, an illusion. Most European countries are not in the way of efficiency. Germany is the best going, and I would say on a high note. But UE is inconsistent.

IMO Spain simply has been choosed by big interests as a "good guys example about reforms", just to others worse have a reference to follow. But Spain's approach to eficiency is IMO absolutely insufficient.

Who speaks about to have superavits?

Just, in the best, about reduce the deficit, but adopting the deficit as a way of life, which is a sure path to poverty, and perhaps suffering along the way, due to bubbles.

But it seems this is what most people want

Home people force
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