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When will Greece leave the Euro?

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In every other year the euro and the Euro Zone claim attention as when they possibly come to dead, sooner or later.

If one looks back the history of the Euro Zone which backs the currency, it is getting more and more coherent and closely coupled. Keep in mind that the structure is very different than in the US and as such it is hard to impossible to compare them one on one.

So either Greece goes bankrupt and kicked off the EZ with a fall back to drahma the euro itself is just going to be more solid. Drahma can be seen as a tragedy as losing the strong euro in the country but also a chance to regain control over the county's currency. As we know a weak currency can boost the export and begin building some prosperity.

Sure the huge debt is THE Question since if it gets written down then other EZ members also might want to go that way. The whole play is around how to handle the situation without losing control over the euro itself.

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