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Thanks for posting your charts.
I think I've used the correct time period on the chart below.
I'm in Central Time zone and I think your charts are your local time.

When I spoke with Pat he was not selling the indicator but later offered it for sale after the 'teasing' on Traders Lab.
I don't blame him for not helping to create the indicator and my comment was not critical of his decision to not share his insights.

The biggest issue I found with the indicator was that it only seemed to work well on Volume Bars (Share bars in Tradestation). That created some issues with picking the correct size of the bars. When ES is very busy (high volume), a bigger bar was needed to get the desired result. When ES was slow(premarket or low volume), a different size bar was best. As long as the correct bar size was used, the indicator worked fine, if the wrong size bar was used, the signal was either missing or at the wrong time.

That is why I developed a different way to accomplish the same result with more consistent results over varying market conditions.
This worked much better for me.

I hesitate to display this since I can not share the indicator nor the bar types.
Please register on to view futures trading content such as post attachment(s), image(s), and screenshot(s).

Hi ...yea thnx for sharing your charts. Am on PST. I know quite many people were able to come very close to his charts with whatever info he shared on the web or at Traderslab.

I too have an almost a mimic of the same for the spikes i have worked on ...but never could get a very clean chart...probably coz i have zilch programming expertise. Yes when one get the spikes it is then left for any other analysis/techniques discretion or strategy to improve unless automation is so good that the detection triggers a buy/sell.

am not sure if it was a tease. I guess he did not want someone loose their shirt. many people may not really know what it takes to become successful as surely a indicator cannot make u rich whereas it can get rid of yr riches . anyways if you search the forum you would see I have been on a subscription which am currently on. I intend and my desire is to stay with Tradestation and Tradepoint for quite a while and will be looking for any updates to the sw in the near future. Was lucky to get the subscription as it was not offered straight away when i 1st approached him and approached many times subsequently when something triggered.

Anyways I did have the opportunity to meet Pat for an amazing evening during a vegas trip. He was quite a fantastic person to have met and I will remember him for many of the things we talked when we met...and for him he introducing me to the concept of the HUD and the spikes.

anyways goodluck.... and thnx for sharing yr comments.


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