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AMP CME charges?

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It was not surprising that the exchanges' MBA's (automatons without conscience) thought to present some way of monetizing their popularity and capitalizing on another revenue stream.

This practice almost killed the Equity trading business, almost 10+ years ago, and unbeknownst to the CBOE, made it an easy migration over to the radically new basket exchange called Emini contract trading at the CME. That unexpected windfall and trading acceptance has fueled such tremendous growth at the CME and by sheer coincidence, the vast majority of basket trading vehicles (ETF's, iShares, and other basket synthetic securities).

Its only a matter of business savvy, choice, time and ill fortune should other exchanges follow suit and start to nuisance tax their trading public with monthly participation fees. Let's hope the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) refuses to follow suit. Their ever popular Russell 2000 (and other high volume emini contracts) will face the same fate.

Has anyone noticed how competitive it is to return to Index Option, Equity Option, ETF Option and other Basket Option trading, not to mention the original Equity Option plays?

Just tune into any of the business channels, and listen to the commercials. Next thing you'll notice is you can throw out your (CME / IB / FCU) margin tables, and hold your option position until the markets prove you're right. Instead of waiting on Fibonacci 4 hour charts to catch a wave, just take a short position, and hold it for a few hours, or days or even weeks, and watch your trade ring in....

Competition is good... and in this case, its going to have its affect upon these nuisance fees...

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