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thanks @cunparis Its great that you could replicate some of the stuff.

I am not a coder so i always had to and have to rely on indicators... I do use some of Pat's indicators and it has taken me sometime to digest especially since I have not been day trading a lot for a while. An indicator is as good as the trader so there is always discretion . The charts which are shown in the thread many of them come from the Indicator pack if i am not mistaken. I do have it....but I also have something called HUD from Pat which is heads up display. I use the HUD which typically shows Commercial Interest & then I just extrapolate the Intensity which I classify as the Volume Spike into some other chart for analysis.

I have found his indicators to be very unique and helpful as I never found anyone else offering something similar. I also have Barry's stuff btw. There are quite a bit of stuff I did not look into from the indicator pack as he also classifies Net New Trades and many other things since I only look at Spikes & HUD ....but however of late I try and co-relate the spikes to index arb's and a lot of volume work i look into. This is something I have been working on and will be trying to understand the exact co-relation before i start on day trading again as this maybe my edge.

but from what i see and understand there is a definitive co-relation on the intensity of the spike from his charts and what the markets do in a span during/after. I have almost replicated them using 10sec/1sec charts of Indicators in Tradestation where it is apparent if it is Buy/Sell volume...or exhaustion but still reply on the spikes from his chart as it is much cleaner and better since the 1sec/10sec charts on my PC requires more horse power.

anyways i think it's a good discussion. I really think there is a difference as you rightly said between a volume spike & Intensity.

Thanks for sharing your views.

thnx n cheers

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