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Has anyone ever heard of Dimension Trader?

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a sad experience

I used DT for few months.

1) They claim to be 'sellers' of indicators and systems. It is not true, they only lease them. When you buy something you end up owning something, but DT is like your house: you spend a bunch of money and think that you are the owner of 'your' house, but if you do not pay the taxes you will find very soon who is the real owner. So... they lease them, with the first payment that is huge, and the others smaller, but if you do not pay your regular fee everything stops working even your access to their client website.
They claim that it is because they have to keep updated some indicators (to my knowledge only one) on their site, but also the indicators that are not dependent on their data stop working.
It is written in their website, but it is annoying, to say the least.

2) They have a lot, a lot of indicators and a bunch of systems, but basically they push the 'Easy' and the 'ABC' systems. In the room they show mainly the Easy, “a conservative piece of software” because their results look great. But when you are just a guest in the room you cannot realize that…

...the software shows a trade at a certain level and in the room you can see that the first target (4 ticks) is very frequently hit. The trick is that the signal shows a trade when it is already 2 ticks positive! This is why. The signal is calculated on the bar close. This means that the price is already 1 tick away from the closing bar, but the trade is marked 1 tick (rarely 2) INSIDE the old bar. Actually it is impossible to entry at the signal unless the market retraces, and Easy is a trend following system…
So in the room they have amazing results (a movement of 2 ticks is less than peanuts in ES), but in the real life… I let you guess.
I don’t have a precise definition for ‘cheating’, but this to me looks quite close to any definition of it.

ABC is another one that looks great, but to achieve great results they suggest you to follow a special room, that is (surprise, surprise!) quite expensive.

I could go on with more stuff (their automatic robot, with no decent statistics about its results), but I think that I gave an idea of the situation.

Make your own choices.

Good luck

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