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When will Greece leave the Euro?

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I am replying here to your post, because I dont know if they want this in the SP500 thread.

I can sum-up my point as: "Europe needs to get out of the Euro for Europe's sake."

There was a Europe before 2000 (before the Euro).
There was a common market, harmonized/low trade barriers.
There was peaceful collaboration.

Now, with & because of the EURO you have 50%+ youth unemployment in Spain/Italy/Greece
besides many other ills.
That is mental! They have every right to burn down the house - and they will.

A common currency forces common tax/fiscal system (meaning: shared debt under the same tax laws).
There is NO popular majority for this - anywhere in Europe (all (of the few allowed) ballots showed this).
One can summarize the EU policies of the last 3 years as salami tactics to sneak this shared debt in - via
backdoors & misnaming.

A common currency forces common economic policies. "One ring to rule them all ".
The ultimate central planing. The EUDSSR.

Of course this totally ignores any local unique characteristics:
e.g strong family business structure in Italy
or the deep rooted mistrust for government in Greece - probably going back to the conflict with Turkey or the 70ies

Dont think for a second, the economic malaise is your counties fault. Be proud of your nation (or local state).

This makes me -want to punch a Eurocrat - I dont see one right now.

If you look at a high resolution map of per capita productivity in Europe,you will see,
that Germany is incapable to lift its own underdeveloped east
- this situation persists for 25 years !

Europe needs to get out of the Euro for Europe's sake.

Mainly agree with you, @puma. In few words, UE has been very very bad calved, mainly because of many many interests among what it was not the citizens interest.

It is a destructive situation, and the worst is that the final fault becomes from the citizens, who have been accepting some candy poisoned, doesn't knowing what to do / choose.

Kind regards from the black hole.

Home people force
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