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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Guys: Good arguments brought in here.. but not hitting the point!

What @Sufyan brought is calculating down to the basics. And true of what it is compared to a own account.
What @bobwest stated is a optimistic view into the future IF passing the combine and gaining on the future trades.

But what is really MISSING here:
Combines and all adequates are SIM - I repeat SIM trades.
This means there is not one real blood boiling moment.
As bobwest states - it is "their risk" and "their money".
If this is lost - who cares?

OK - what Sufyan says means making your hands dirty and trading YOUR own money at your OWN risk...

We had this in different threads already here - it makes a BIG Difference!
For your ego, for your cash and for your optimism if trading can/could be your daily business.

Think about it!

What can GFIs1 can throw in here for all the readers?

1) Start your own real time transparent journal here on (formerly BMT)
2) Show your trades with real wins / losses on your OWN money
3) Let the critical (formerly BMT) followers write real reflections into your thread - read them to learn
4) Accept what the markets do with your REAL money - and watch your money management
5) Learn from the faults and optimize your daily rules

IF you are consistent profitable you stay in the game and if you erase your account you might be out of business: POINT


Of course, this is a major point, and it is right: The TsT Combine is a type of SIM. SIM is not real.

I have traded real money since 1982. Lost some, made some. It's different.

When I said that "it's their money," I was talking about whether it would be worthwhile, in the hypothetical future, to trade one of their funded accounts. Sure, it would be. Why not? And then it certainly would be different from risking your own money.

But as a training, the Combine type of SIM does put something on the line, compared to pure no-risk SIM: you put up some money to get in, which you will lose if you do poorly and get back if you do well; you are accountable to someone else besides yourself; and if you do well enough, there is the funding. Something is at stake, although it is not on the same level as your own dear, sweet cash.

I am still new to futures (not to stocks, not to options, but definitely to futures), and found that I could lose that cash so quickly that I looked for an intermediate learning tool. That has been the Combine. I am not fool enough, nor young enough, to imagine that once I can do well in it, I will go out and make my millions. But, for me, it is a good in-between step, in between no risk and all risk.

People will differ on this. But I see it as a reasonable in-between, having been in both places before.

I do notice that the TsT Combine attracts comment more than I would ever have expected. To repeat what I have said a few times now: it may be for you, and it may not. If you can use it, do so. If not, who cares about it? Pass on....

For me, it's a good tool.

But thanks @GFIs1, for the reality check. SIM is not real. The Combine, for all that it is a different type of SIM, is SIM. Therefore....


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