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"Free" platforms/datafeeds OEC, TA, TOS.

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I think if you want to really scalp these markets, being able to read the DOM is really important.

Having said that, I wouldn't want to skimp on the quality of the L2 data....

Best advice is to with with a good quality data feed like the others have mentioned IQFeed or Kinetick.

Personally, I using Kinetick, which I feel is a reasonable price if you subscribe with their (NON-pro fees option). So basically I pay $55 for basic service + $20 for L2 + $15 for all the 4 futures exchanges (CME Globex, CBOT COMEX NYMEX), so total is $90. Which I think is very ok....

I think, you should approach your data feed the same way a salesman or property agent approach their mobile Phone plan... You can't do business from a public phone or from a friends house. You need a good, decent mobile plan to conduct all your meetings and business calls....

Of think about it this way, maybe on one of the weekend you see one less movie and eat at home to save the $90.

I just don't think a solid data provide is something you want to save on if you want to be scalping these markets.
If you swing trading, of course, is a different story. Just use Yahoo or whatever... doesn't matter.


Thanks I really appreciate your feed back. I agree, I guess my definition of scalping is a little off (or it is generally open for interpretation). I like "scalping," for 4-10 ticks, the open on occasion in the direction of the big bars but I will mostly "long-term scalp" (lol, just made that up) or daytrade with my sup/res lines I use looking for about 2-3 points (8-12 ticks for NQ). Thanks again for your insight.

Also, for what it is worth, I am really impressed with Stage 5. Great customer service and they extended my demo to 4 weeks which has really helped me in assess not only the software/platform but also my strategy - which I am grateful for. I really loved the responsiveness of the DOM - which was the most critical for me initial but also love the chart trading and have altered my strategy to incorporate limit orders at key sup/res lines. Anyhow, point being it's because of how much I am able to quickly comprehend and utilize the platform that I am happy with their service and my strategy evaluations. So, I'm most definitely will fund my Stage 5 demo to a full account. Their trade analyzer is great but I find that I their platform and service is good enough alone without my use of it (I don't really find myself using it but it is impressive). Thanks!

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