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Is IQFeed really needed when having Rithmic?

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Right now I'm trading with NT using Rithmic for executions in my Combine account. Historical data is provided by Ninja via their historical data servers.

They do the same for my live account: CQG handles trades, and provides current data, and Ninja provides historical data. "Historical" means, any time before I logged onto the current NT session.

I suggest emailing Ninja support and asking them the questions. That's how I found out that my historical data was provided by them and not by CQG, some time ago.

It may also depend on whatever arrangements Ninja has with your broker; another reason to ask them.

For what it's worth, I am thinking about subscribing to IQFeed even though I get historical data in my instruments without it, for the same reason that @Big Mike mentioned: breadth and other data that I don't have otherwise. (Example: I would like to have $TICK data; I can get it, but not live -- Ninja gives me historical, but CQG does not include it live, so the $TICK charts are static history, as of the date/time I logged on, and therefore worthless.... I have to access yet another account for it.)

So there is a reason, and it depends on your needs. NT support should be able to help you sort it out.


Edit: another simple example is index data, like S&P500 index, as opposed to the ES S&P futures, or advance/decline data, or SPY (the S&P ETF), or.... you get the idea. Lots of stuff is not going to be included in your execution feed, so there's not going to be any way to access it real-time. My needs and experience are oriented toward stock index futures, so it may not apply to what you need, but there is a matter of having a complete feed, depending on what you may want or need in the future.

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