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"Free" platforms/datafeeds OEC, TA, TOS.

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I wish I could be of more help. I am trying to figure the feed out. Turner has experience and if says that OEC has the best free data i would value his assessment as well as Peter Davies aka Dionysus Toast. I f you are interested in scalping i would watch his webinars here or on BIG MIKE's You Tube channell and visit the JIGSAW website. Also for aspiring scalpers i would recommend John Grady webinars or his website NO BS DAYTRADING. Also FUTURE TRADER 71 has some good stuff.

When I first began this trading journey I envisioned myself as a scalper. I was actually quite good at it in SIM but got chopped up more often than not in real time. The emotions and slippage make a difference. Latley I have been trying to catch the bigger moves but find that you really have to give a trade room to work (deep stop) to catch the big ones. That being said every trade is different and adjustments have to be made. I recently turned off the tick stream (the tape) and it helped to relax me a bit. Watching the tape zoom by was exhilirating but distracting as well. One day I will try to revisit scalp mode. But for now i need to simplify things so as not to die by death by a thousand papercuts.

If you discover any new info regarding feeds I would like to hear and I'll let you know about IQ once i have it up and running.

Thanks, I will definitely share my findings. So far, I'm really leaning toward an OEC provider and had narrowed down to Cannon Trading, Apex Futures, and Stage 5. I'm really liking and leaning most towards Stage 5 (though Apex is close second) due to the many support videos available. As for the speed/lag issues I spoke with someone at FuturesOnline/OEC that confirmed with me that the "demo" version could be slower when resources are needed server side to support volatile times - in essence my understanding is the resources (does this mean RAM or bandwidth? regardless) are more heavily supporting the live platform in those times (which may cripple the demo environment). Also, with the 2 of you's feedback on the live platform have rare issues I'm definitely sold on OEC (plus it's way prettier then TA). Just which white labeled version to go with is my question (leaning toward Stage 5). Thanks again for your wonderful insights my friends!

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