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Any Comments on Trend Jumper offered by Net Picks ?

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Any updates? I watched a number of thier video and they seem pretty good.

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There is a functional trend jumper download available, permanent, no credit card required, not a trial.

Comes with instructions or "plans" for two instruments, 5 minute YM, and a EURUSD model that is for daily bars if I recall correctly.

I think the hook is to try to get you to buy the "full" package and or join the room. I haven't seen the sales pitch yet, I'm going to look at one of their live webinars and see what the deal is. Doubt seriously that I will purchase.

That said, I actually think this is useful tool and I recommend taking a look at the free version and the various related videos that are on the site and youtube. You'll get some links from them if you download, and there are a few more on their youtube page.

This not a full blown mechanical system, not meant to set and forget. From what I can tell, in the full membership they give you specific plans for a handful of instruments, with bar sizes, tick, range, time, etc. and start and stop times that they have found to be most effective. The guys in the videos seem to have a pretty good handle on trading mechanics and techniques.

The signals are generated when the magic "jump lines" cross over - at that point in time you place a stop two ticks beyond the high or low of the signal bar in the direction of the crossover. There are some other qualifications that are explained in some of the videos.

The "jump lines" are nothing more than Donchian channel middle lines. In the YM 5 minute model they are set to 2 and 6. In the EURUSD model they are different, but I haven't delved in to that one yet.

You can also plot an Ichimoku cloud with 2 and 6 as the tenkan / kijun settings to see the same crossovers.

There is also a calculator that plots a plus sign at the stop entry point, and three targets. One for money management move stop to breakeven, one for first target, one for second target. They recommend two or three lots with the last one a trailer. It also plots the protective stop, which is one tick beyond the entry bar. The full version shown in videos also has a trailing stop dot, but you can add a supertrend and it functions just as well if not better.

I've used the tool to make some entries on small trades the past few days, I'll post some charts and results as I get time.

You can locate the download by googling "trend jumper free".

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