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Intermarket Analysis Resources?

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I've been enjoying my free trial from Inter-Market Relationships Analysis. They definitely look at a ton of relationships, showing you what is currently working. This includes many relationships that I've not seen anyone else talk about, for example Copper plus Crude is positively correlated to the peso times the real. The idea being if copper and crude start falling off, then money exits latin themes, and vice versa if those commodities take off.

While I find IMRA's letter extremely interesting to read, and if you're into this sort of thing, you owe it to yourself to get a free trial (What have you got to lose?), I haven't found the information they provide to be very tradable. They are extremely focused on the relationships, and make almost no effort to point out good opportunities that the relationships setup. Institutional Advisers newsletter, while not as intently focused on inter-market analysis, seems like a more "complete" service to me. IMRA will say "Here is an inter-market relationship." They may tell you why there is a relationship between these markets, but that is it. They just point out the relationships and show you a chart. Institutional Advisers will say "Here is an inter-market relationship. And we think that sets up for a nice long play in the copper market. Profit target is X. Put your stop at Y." The advice is MUCH more tradable, and thus more useful.

I also like that Institutional Advisers is more focused on what they know. IMRA seems like it is all over the place. Literally every day they are monitoring new relationships. IA sticks to their bread and butter: the credit markets, gold/silver ratio, and one or two other key relationships, and they form their thesis from there.

Next up is Louise Yamada's Technical Research Advisors. I'm not sure how much inter-market analysis they do, but I've always been a fan of hers and figured it can't hurt to check out her service.

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