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Stage 5 Trading's Anthony Giacomin (Managing Partner) - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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Ft71 and Anthony.
Thank you for the answers. Ft71 I find your pre market videos a wonderful luxury, offering insight.

Ft71 I just wanted to clarify that I do not mind working hard and learning. My post above mentioned that.

I get the "there's no free lunch."

Since this query I've logged numerous hours maybe 50to75plus hours watching (and rewatching) videos, reading, actual market, reading/marking charts and replaying data observing volume profile. This is not mentioning actual the actual time spent in the market.
I say this just to clarify a possible misinterpretation of I am/was not willing to put in the time. In comparison that time is nothing compared to the hours others have done over the years, but it is a commitment.

(Ultimately) As you wrote, it offers great ideas on where to fish.

I thank you greatly for the time and wisdom you've shared on (formerly BMT) and your videos.

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