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any " DeepdiscountTrading " reviews ?

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any " DeepdiscountTrading " reviews ?

I have been trying to see, if there are any Brokerages out there, that offer " cheaper "
overnight Margins, since my goal is to hold Futures trades overnight and swing trade them, until I get a signal to close out the position.

I am leaning towards NinjaTrader , but could not find on the website, where it shows or mentionswhat their overnight Margin requirements are, only what the Initial, Maintenance and Intraday Margins are.

For the Overnight Margins ( if using NT ),
it directs you to the exchange's website that each of the Futures trade under
So it looks like I way have to call each exchange directly and ask?

I have heard of PC-Span through the CME , is using PC-San a way to get authority for cheaper " all around " margins, and especially overnight ?

This brings me to DeepdiscountTrading

The website is here....
Deep Discount Futures Trading Commodity Brokers Best Low Rates Cheap Commissions High Frequency Systems Exchange Members

I have never heard of them before, until yesterday, and in going through the site, they list all of the Margins ( including the Overnight ) which is mainly what I'm looking for and needing to be as Low a required Margin as possible.

Just wanted to see if other members have heard of and or used them before, and what there thoughts are

Thanks for any help and input - Michael