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Stage 5 Trading's Anthony Giacomin (Managing Partner) - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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Im also looking to open a trading account "possibility with S5" but would also like the above questions answered

Hi @KahunaDog,

Thank you for the note and the nice message. I appreciate the diligence in your questions and I am happy to help as much as possible.

I certainly feel like the futures industry has been shaken by issues like PFG, but in my opinion this has helped create better safeguards to protect customer funds. With PFG, they were a broker AND a clearing firm.

Stage 5 Trading is an Independent Introducing Broker (IIB). As an IIB Stage 5 does not hold customer funds. Traders with trading accounts through Stage 5 are introduced to a clearing firm (FCM) that holds the client funds in segregation from operating capital within the clearing firm. This is similar to how your funds were held at Dorman but through the IIB of Mirus. Then when NinjaTrader Brokerage merged with Mirus your account changed ownership from Mirus to NinjaTrader Brokerage. The funds were still held at the clearing firm of Dorman and the introducing broker changed.

Volume Profiling is FT71ís specialty. He uses Investor RT for his charting software and spends a lot of his time analyzing the markets using volume profile. We actually feel that price action is a nice complement to volume profile and as well as a variety of other trading indicators. FT71 runs the trader development side of Stage 5 Trading which is what was setup for traders to congregate and hopefully help them learn and grow as a community. He provides live premarket analysis, then moves into the Stage 5 Traders Helping Traders chat room as the trading day gets going. I also feel his is instrumental in helping traders through the Client only Homework sessions, ask FT71 anything webinars, and the fact that I feel his is so hands on with the traders.

Does he answer every trader and every question? No, that would be impossible and also why the community is setup to help each other. We have also developed the proprietary S5 Trade Analyzer for intraday trade analytics. This is available for NinjaTrader as well as the S5 Trader. For more information on the Trade Analyzer please check out his webinar with Big Mike from the 21st of October that covers Basic Scalping Technics. The software is shown from 1:16ish and on if you would like to fast forward. October 21st Webinar @ (formerly BMT): Basic Scalping Techniques | FuturesTrader71

Since Stage 5 is an independent introducing broker, our goal is to provide a variety of clearing relationships, platforms, and solutions. For example, traders at Stage 5 use the S5 Trader, NinjaTrader, Rithmic, Sierra, MarketDelta Trader, CQG, and many other software platforms to enter trades on futures exchanges like the CME. What I think is nice about Stage 5 is that not only do you get the brokerage solution, but you also receive the S5 Trade Analyzer for FREE with the S5 Trader or Ninja Trader, as well as the trader development services that FT and the rest of the team spend their time with.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions or we can assist with anything in addition.

We hope to hear from you!


Anthony Giacomin
Stage 5 Trading Corp.

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