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Stage 5 Trading's Anthony Giacomin (Managing Partner) - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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I have been trading for some time but I have had consistent runs and more so inconsistent runs.
I was with Mirius, then they went down and I was also with PFG and lost my account when they went under. Read lame.

Without being obtuse what assurances can we know or see that Stage5 won't suffer similar? I apologize if this seems rude, but I been thru 2 different 'reputable' brokers that went under.

My Mirius accounts were absorbed (not sure if thats the terminology) by the Ninja trader brokerage. My clearing house is with Dorman. I also have small TOS, MB and FXCM accounts.

What kind of benefits would one gain from switching to Stage5? Over my current Ninja brokerage.

I was satisfied with Mirius till I noted I was getting slipped big at the end when they knew they were going under and having trouble with orders (unbeknowest to me ). Initially I thought it was just holiday volume. Then I began digging and found on a board they were going under. They did not notify us the customers and I took some losses due to slippage on both sides of a formerly disciplined and profitable scalp system. Very lame.

I am Highly interested in Volume profiling, I have read and watched some videos on it. It seems like a large endeavor, after so much invested in price action I want to invest the long effort and energy, but am mixed on where to start. I have scoured some threads here on bmt, watched various videos and some videos with ft71.

Does Stage5 or other offer training? Software? Etc?
Specifically on volume profiling and related? I am a part time trader that can relegate several hours of prep time, then for the trading day can watch some of the premarket and first 1to2hours half the week and up to lunch the other half.

There seems to be a lot of various users on volume and market profiling but I'm having a hard time navigating it.
I like the visual of volume profiling vs the material I've seen on market profiling. Specifically the hvn, lvn, vpoc, and vca.
I do not know what software to use and was planning on trying the gomi stuff for ninjatrader and use the trial with OrderFlowAnalytics, likely to go with them as I liked their footprint chart, the volume clusters, they also had training and I think a trading room. The con is they are pricey and I am trying to differentiate the diffeeence between them and free stuff like gomis work.

Initially I was planning on using volume profiling to back up my scalping to detect vpoc and hvn, using it as a sort of support and resistance to use as confluence as well as good and bad stop loss points. But this was going to be done through long experimentation and backtesting and observation. But I really want to and am willing to learn to put the work in to understand it if that's what it takes. I don't see this as an easy route, but a long disciplined road.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Im also looking to open a trading account "possibility with S5" but would also like the above questions answered