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Looking for a demo platform/account which provides accurate quotes for trading stocks

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Hi there,

I am looking to demo trade stocks for a bit, I am currently using the Suretrader platform (which expired yesterday).

Most demos provided by brokers suck in a sense that the quotes are 20min delayed. I can not afford that; this includes TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Questrade.

Can anyone recommend a good broker that provides a demo platform with accurate quotes?

Thank You

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First of all, are you looking for stock quotes, options quotes or futures quotes.

I am only familiar with stock stock quotes and my threads here are much like a demo program that you find everywhere....except I use real data...for my fantasy (practice) portfolio's. I have had several practice portfolios in my investment lifetime, especially when I was first learning my approach to TA.

The only time you need less than 15 min delayed data is when you are daytrading or making a critical entry or exit decision. There are 2 charting services I would recommend that are free.

the first is Freestockcharts.com

FreeStockCharts.com - Web's Best Streaming Realtime Stock Charts - Free

this is an excellent continuously updating charting service where you can vary your time interval and have multiple charts going at one time....say TD Bank [TD:TSX] 3min, 30min, 1hour and you can flip between then

you can do Canadian and American stocks with no problems and (what I like the best) you can create the chart you want and configure the indicators in non-standard ways....so you can try different things out to your hearts content.

The second website I would recommend is for REAL TIME charting and L2 quotes Level2StockQuotes.com

there are several tabs on this site but the one I use is this one for Canadian stocks which is what it is designed for by you can also do NYSE and NASD stocks as well

Level2StockQuotes.com - Real Time TSX Stock Quotes and Charts

with this program you can follow up to 8 stocks charts in real time in the basic small blue charts, the bigger chart on the right is time delayed but the slightly smaller chart on the left is real time... you can modify the charts to some extent but the one on the left only uses standard settings.... one on the right can be configured anyway as you want.

That takes care of the monitoring of your practice stocks... as far as keeping track of your portfolio, purchases, transactions and value goes...I know you have followed my Canadian portfolio here and you see my midweek and end of week updates. It is a simple EXCEL spreadsheet that I keep..and I do it in real life portfolios as well (much bigger there but same principles

here is a link to the post I made where I attached a version that you might use


You learn more when you do the updating yourself and not depend on another site to do it for you.

This is the way I would do it and I walk that talk in my American and Canadian journals

Hope this helps

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