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Automated Trading Broker?

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Robust Sytems are not for sale cheap

The easy part is to buy the robust trading system if your that well financed and I have seen them for sale for up to $3 million dollars. The code needs also needs handle all the caveat's that arise while running live with real money ,such as how it reacts when you get disconnected from a server, will it reconnect? what does it do during news events when the spread is crazy wide and when the market going nuts 100 points up and down. Those are just a few things if that you will need to have addressed in a Automated strategy.

In my opinion and I just tell it like it is.
If you want to be a Automated trader you will have to learn to code or you will go broke paying folks to code stuff for you. Unless your that well funded to buy a Robust Automated system like a lot of hedge funds do... there are places that make them for you and run them for you but its not cheap.


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