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Automated Trading Broker?

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Sorry I've been too hurry to answer you and I realized that after done.
Well what I meant is that if you don't know how to code you can't run an automated strategy unless you have someone who do all the it/code stuff for you. I think it's not all about how robust your strategy is, problems will eventually occur and then you need someone to understand if the problem is in your strategy, your code, your provider, your broker or elsewhere.

Other than this, I tryed to warn you that even what sounds good and look good might eventually result not profitable. You said you can manage 2/3 years drawdown, well I bet nobody can or if you expect or are ready for such event maybe is worth thinking to something different to manage your funds.

I started running automated trading strategies a couple of years ago, I've been lucky to have seen and run strategies where some people worked for years so I've been profitable from day 1. Then I took the good of them, started learning to code and develope my own with my own ideas. I understood that one or two are not enough but you need a very diversified portfolio, so if one stop working others are making money. It's really very time consuming process.

But as I said I use tradestation, it is quite reliable, most of the times. I don't know if the strategies you want to use can run on it, so you should check with who sell them to you who may also advice which broker is best to run them.

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