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InteractiveBroker PhoneScandal

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In terms of Legal Action
I am now asking for a copy of the phone recording as I feel this is gross misconduct or something along them lines..
They are refusing and I am using the freedom of INformation act to appeal that.
I will be trying to get compensation

So if you have any advice please help. IB are a decent broker but they are a big faceless corporation that dont give a shootyhoo about their small customers.


FOIA requests are an open records standard for the government, since all non-security related government info is considered public.

What you need is a subpoena . Not a warrent. You'll need to ask a judge in the juristdiction specified in your customer agreement with IB. Explain to the judge what has happened and why you need the records (for a potential lawsuit).

Subpoena duces tecum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I believe they would, if your subpoena is successful, deliver the records to the judge, at which point you can petion to release to you.

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