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Does anyone have any comments abouth a company called GoFutures and a package called FireTip.

I have spoken with GOFUTURES over the phone. They seemed nice, but all sales people are...if they are good sales people. I cannot comment on their actual value as a broker. I do like their education section on the website. I'm with TTurner. THink about going with a more well known broker. Cannon, Ninja, Optimus, Stage 5, are all good places to start with your research. There are brokers out there other than the mentioned, that are going to be good choices so do your homework based on what and how you will be trading.

As far as Firetip goes You should DEMO it first. It is not known as one of the best Platforms out there. I am guessing that perhaps you have a MAC and are having trouble finding a platform that is MAC compatabile and that is what is steering you towards FIRETIP. Perhaps I am wrong, but if this IS the case, consider MOTIVEWAVE. I have not used it before but have been researching it a bunch lately and it looks to be a great platform. As always you should definitley DEMO any platform you are interested in. SOme are better than others for different styles of trading. NINJA is the most popular. If you are in to trading market profile then you may want to keep researching. THere are a lot of choices out there so DEMO a lot before you dive in. It will give you a chance to practice your craft.

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