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The Electronic Local method

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I found his blog end of last year after I read one of his posts on Trader Laboratory urging people to take a look at his blog where he was teaching his daughter to trade. And even I that first post he added “nothing for sale”. A mantra he has repeated over and over again until he did have something to sell.

I don’t know. I work in the business and it has made me a skeptic to stuff like this. I see traders and fund managers on a daily basis. And let me tell u, the world of finance is a shady world. I´m the compliance guy, so I know. When our telemarketing calls potential clients they always start off with: we have “nothing for sale”, we are trying to help you.

When it comes to him flipping the markets, I´ve seen it many times. As I have seen him “skip” perfect setups but taking the next crappy one that ended up as the winner.

But it doesn´t matter. If your found his blog helpful and you are now making winning trades, then all is good. But I would be cautious before paying 5000usd for his wisdom.

Btw, for me delta is not volume. It shows me more direction of trade and conviction. Since it is buyers-sellers it can be 0 even if total volume is huge.

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